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Building HIGH PERFORMANCE 7.3L Powerstroke Cylinder Heads!

This is a reward for the diesel individuals! Our consumer pertained to us looking for aid for their 550HP 7.3 L Powerstroke … yet we’ve currently seen these heads as soon as prior to?

A significant thanks for the firms that assist sustain our company and also web content! Please make certain to take a look at their web links:

S.B. International (SBI) Valvetrain Components – Founded in Nashville in 1982, as well as have actually been a main vendor in our factory for actually years considering that we opened up in 1983!

Please follow them on Instagram as well as take a look at their site!

Please follow them on Instagram and also have a look at their web site!

Please follow them on Facebook and also look into their site!

Goodson Tools – the leading distributor to engine rebuilders around the globe! Once more, an additional business that we have actually dealt with in our factory for years!

Fytron Automotive Machine Shop Software – We have actually been utilizing this software program made by machinists, for machinists for a number of years currently to supply our consumers with extremely described billings, specs sheets, as well as much more.

A few of the Tools & Products In This Video:

.311″ x. 5628″ Core Drill/Reamer (Goodson):.

3MT 1/2″ End Mill Holder (KBC Tools & Machinery):.

140-8476 Valve Guides (SBI):.

Brass Injector Cups (SBI):.

Race Series Nitrided Intake Valves (SBI):.

Celebrity Series Exhaust Seats (SBI):.

PFL-200 Press Fit Lubricant (Goodson):.
GOODSON Press Fit Lube Aerosol | PFL-200

Head Saver Shim (SBI):.

Accuracy Valve Seat Run-Out Gauge (Goodson):.
SCG-375 | Precision Valve Seat Run-Out Gauges

Diesel Relief Tooling Kit (Goodson):.
DVRT-8MM-KIT : 8MM Diesel Relief Tool Kit

Race Series Nitrided Exhaust Valves (SBI):.

Black Smoke Series Exhaust Seat Cutter (Goodson):.
BSS-3701 : Black Smoke Seat Cutter Blade

Black Smoke Series Intake Seat Cutter (Goodson):.
BSS-3001 : Black Smoke Series Seat Cutter Blade

Dependable Work Light (KBC Tools):.

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