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CGSULIT OBD2 Scanner SC301 Car Code Reader with Smog Check & Check Engine Light Reset, Read/Clear Error Code, Live Data, DTC Lookup, On-Board Monitor Test, Diagnostic Scan Tool for All Cars After 1996

【Enhanced OBDII Service Modes】SC301 OBD2 scanner diagnostic tool enables you to reset check e-ngine light (CEL), locate bad O2 sensors, EVAP leak test, access engine status, reset monitors, retrieve vehicle’s VIN, read/reset error codes, etc. Plug and play, no batteries, locate your car’s problems in minutes. Note: For permanent trouble codes, please fix the issue first, and then clear codes, otherwise, the OBD scanner won’t clear codes successfully. Gifts for Dad

【One Click I/M Readiness】+【Help Pass S-mog Check】SC301 car scanner monitors the engine-related systems’ status, to check if your car is ready for the s-mog test, such as Misfire, Fuel, CCM, EVAP System, etc. Help you pass the s-mog check easily, and save your money for paying fine tickets. A Green-Yellow-Red light and the speaker will indicate the readiness status

【Built-in 10,000+ DTC Lookup Library】+【”?” Button Offer Accurate Advice 】SC301 check engine light code reader with reset has a unique “?” button. SC301 scan tool not only shows DTC definition but also offers helpful tips to deal with DTCs by pressing the “?” button. No need to Google why your vehicle’s CEL comes on and what the DTC codes mean

【Accurate Live Data Streams】+【Record/Playback/Print Data】Not only can you view the live data but you can record it during the road test to find a problem and then playback/print the data. Live data can be displayed via graphs like you can see if the vehicle is running rich or lean with a fuel trim running lean

【99% of Vehicle Compatibility】+【Supports 10 Languages】SC301 check engine code reader work on most 1996 and newer American/European/Asian cars with standard OBD2/EOBD protocols: KWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM, CAN. Supports English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Sweden, Hungarian, Russian, and Dutch

【View Freeze Frame for Identifying Problems】SC301 code reader car diagnostic tool with reset got freeze frame data when the code happened to help you figure out why that problem occurred. Freeze Frame Data include important engine parameters such as engine RPM, vehicle speed, airflow, engine load, fuel pressure, fuel trim value, engine coolant temperature, ignition timing advance, or closed loop status, etc

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