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The Evolution of Car Scanners

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Currently we’re mosting likely to return and have a look at the older scanners that technicians made use of in the previous So we had the OBD-1 onboard analysis one system which was presented in the 1980s And this system was a substantial renovation over the earlier hands-on approaches Nonetheless it had its constraints and given fundamental analysis codes Yet the information was usually common and not extremely certain And afterwards we had the OBD-2 the onboard analysis 2 system which entered play in the mid 1990s similar to the portable one we’re seeing below on the display Currently it was a huge jump onward The OBD-2 scanners used extra standard codes and innovative diagnostics making it much easier for auto mechanics to recognize and fix problems Yet despite having the OBD-2 there were still constraints as the older scanners did not have the comprehensive abilities that the UVI modern technology